Trophy Shipping Around the World


We take care of everything, the shipping of your trophy from the Guide Outfitter or Taxidermist to you, if needed, the application for all permits, and arrange all clearances (see below).


-Clear through U.S. Fish and Wildlife and Canada / U.S. Customs

-Arrange delivery to your choice of destination

-One charge for all services, we pay for everything so you only have a single bill to take care of.

Beyond North America:

-Arrange clearance through Canada Border Services Agency

-Arrange delivery to your nearest airport for self-clearing and transportation arrangements


-Arrange delivery to your nearest airport to a Customs Broker who will handle the clearance and transportation arrangements

-**All Duties & Clearances are Importers responsibility** as we cannot know what those charges are going to be before they leave us


As the process of getting your trophies back home to Canada can be quite exhausting, we step-in and take care of:

-Making contact with the holder of your trophies and obtaining shipping information which we will follow til arrival.

-Upon Arrival, transferring trophies to our custom bonded warehouse to prevent airline storage fee's

-Clear through Canada Border Services Agency & Agriculture

-Arrange the transportation of your trophies to get them to your choice of destination.


Call or E-mail us to help you get your trophies home where they belong.



: Ron's Wildlife Services

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